Frequently Asked Questions

My Tickets

What does pledging mean?

Pledging to buy a ticket involves using your credit/debit card knowing that you will only be charged once the gig is confirmed and goes ahead.

This charge is often made automatically once an event reaches its minimum number of pledges or we announce an event or artist is confirmed.

Once you are charged, you will be emailed tickets to your event.

What happens if I pledge for an event that doesn’t go ahead?

If the event you pledged for doesn’t go ahead, you won’t ever be charged.

How long does it normally take before I will receive my tickets?

Upon your card being charged, you should receive your tickets within 5 minutes.

How do I get my tickets?

Your tickets will be sent as a PDF to the email address you used to checkout.

Please be sure to check your ‘junk’ folder as missing tickets are most commonly found there.

You can also log into your account from our homepage to view and reprint any previously purchased tickets.

If you pledged for an event, you will receive a confirmation email with a separate email containing your PDF tickets when that gig tips and is confirmed.

How can I change the name on my ticket?

Email from the email address you purchased the tickets with, stating the name you want to change and the new name for the ticket. Please note that name changes may incur a handling and processing fee.

Can I get a refund from the ticket I bought?

If an event is cancelled after tickets have been purchased, the event organiser or promoter of that event may elect to provide you with a refund.

Unfortunately refunds cannot be provided after a ticket has been bought for any other reason.

Creating an Event

I’m organising an event. how can I start using giggedin?

  • If you’re ready to create your first event with us, create an account.
  • For tours, festivals and sponsorship enquiries email us at or fill out our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m an artist and I’m interested in getting more gigs or putting on an event - what should I do?

If you’re ready to put on your own event, fill out our event form and we’ll help you make this happen.

If you’re interested in potentially using GiggedIn but am still not sure how yet or you’d like to recommend us to your management, drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you’re simply on the hunt for more shows and would like to get booked, please sign up as an artist. We’ll email you with opportunities as they arise.

I’m a venue and would like to use GiggedIn, what are my next steps?

If you’re ready to list and ticket your event with us, fill out our form here.

If you’d like your venue to be featured for free, you can submit your venue here.

If you’re after some more information on our ticketing or pledging models, drop us an email at or fill out our Contact Us form.

When will I receive funds for my event?

Funds will be released into your nominated bank account via the GiggedIn dashboard within two working days after your event.


I have an upcoming tour/event/festival I’d like a brand to sponsor - what should I do?

So we can understand which brands in our network will be most relevant, send us an email at or Contact Us and tell us more about your event.

I’m a brand and I want to engage music fans through amazing experiences - what should I do?

Send an email or brief to or Contact Us and tell us about your brand’s objectives and demo.

My Account

I’m an artist and my account login is being denied. Why is this?

If you’re an artist that has signed up for a Support Slot Competition, this does not mean you have created an account with GiggedIn.

If you’d like to create an account with GiggedIn, you can do so here.

I’ve forgotten my password – How do I reset it?

If you’ve forgotten your account password, you can reset it by entering your email address here.

Support Slot Competition

I’ve put through an application for a support slot competition and haven’t received a confirmation. did you get my application?

Upon applying for a support slot, you will automatically receive a first email stating that we received your application and it has been passed onto the event organiser to review.

Once your application has been approved or declined, you will then receive another email.

I’m an artist in the running for a support slot but want to change something on my artist profile. How can I edit it?

Please email your artist name and any changes you’d like to make to your profile to and we will amend it for you.

How can I find out how many votes I have in the competition?

You will receive a weekly update via email letting you know either how many votes you have received or your place in the competition. These details are sent out by the event organiser’s discretion and additional information outside of these emails is intentionally not disclosed.

Can the competition be rigged?

Robust measures are in place to monitor any fraudulent activity or dummy votes. Our tech team have sophisticated ways of filtering out any votes which should not be valid. Any users attempting to game any campaigns in any way risk disqualification and banning from any futher opportunities.


How can I get in touch with the promoter / band / venue?

GiggedIn is not permitted to disclose any contact details of the event organiser or parties involved unless necessary; However, each promoter / band / venue will have their own website or social media page which will display their contact details.