Life is better with live music.

Our mission is get more people out of their homes to discover more of the artists and events they'll fall in love with.

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Getting more fans
to more shows

Infinite is a live music subscription service that lets music fans turn up to a new show every night. We have up to 20 shows in Sydney to pick from each week and shows are headlined by popular local and international artists across genres such as indie rock, pop, electronic, hip hop, soul and more.

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Guest list access to unlimited shows for $35 p/mnth
We fill rooms which would have gone unsold
70%+ of members discover shows they wouldn’t have without Infinite
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Brand Partnerships

Tell your brand’s story
through crowdsourcing and virality.

We create custom campaigns that leverages earned media and empowers fans to amplify brand stories.

Support Slot Competition

Run a campaign that gives young artists an chance at opening for your next tour or festival by giving their fans a chance to vote them in.
One of our latest campaigns attracted 250+ bands, more than 30,000+ voting fans and it was the #1 driver of ticket sales for the sold out tour.

City vs City Pre-sale Campaign

Run a campaign that empowers fans across the country to pledge to buy tickets behind the most popular hometowns. A chance to let fans choose where shows should be played.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Run a ‘Kickstarter’ like campaign for your next show, tour or festival. Fans pledge with events only going ahead once we reach the minimum amount of pre-sales.

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Sell out your next event.

We provide customised direct-to-fan ticketing that allows you to offer more to your fans.

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Increase earnings

Our booking fees are up to 80% cheaper for fans.

Audience Insights

Know your customers and own your data.

Mobile Optimised

Convert better on our mobile first user interface.

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